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Leo Brown is one of the African Actor and Producers who started using musicians in movies. Moreover, he also knows how to direct them and show them the right way of acting.

Directing musician in acting is never easy as Artists are the people who are always busy with different things, such as dealing with different calls and different demands they have to meet.

Leo Brown is always patient when working with every actor, whether it’s a normal actor, famous actor or a musician.
Directing musicians is the hardest thing you can ever imagine.

Leo Brown

Leo has been working with different Celebrities in concerts.
He started film making since 2005, in 2017 he created a company called BJB Films which stands for Billy J. Brown. In the same year 2017 he managed to work with the iconic RnB singer AKON on tours by covering all his concerts and other videos such as interviews and more… It’s through AKON that he has made significant advances in the industry by meeting and working with so many other celebrities such as Sean Paul, Joe Thomas, Sisqo, Ashanti, 112, Mario, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Demarco, Nelly, Awilo Longomba, Harmonize, Big Fizzo and many more…

He grew up his filmmaking career since 2017

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