Imagine MURANDA NYORO a fake celebrity is threatening to kill a real celebrity.

This is a screenshot we received from one of our people who don’t support violence and abuse from Muranda Nyoro.

There are rumours that she is washing dead bodies in the UK, now imagine how she’ll become after collecting all demons from those bodies accumulating to what she already has.

\”If your fellow country lady made it out of the box by silently killing successful people, you don’t need to support her, otherwise she’ll deal with you next and you won’t have anyone to run to.\”

Leo Brown

We decided to be posting on our own system where no one controls us. 

We urge everyone who has been tarnished by this evil woman who calls herself an advocate for women to come to us to bring this devil down. 

We have the money, the system and the people all around the world so don’t be scared. We’re international and she is local so if she tarnishes your business we’ll help you come back to life.


  1. Rumbi

    This woman she shouldn’t be threatening other people simply because of followers

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