We will pay cash for your story about what Muranda Nyoro has done bad to you.

Muranda Nyoro has a record of mind manipulation and experienced in twisting stories in order to tarnish someone’s business or getting rid of the person. There are few examples of her previous scandals whereby she was on a live video call asking a so called witness from Tanzania who was giving a statement in contrary of her claim and she tried to manipulate her story to match her claim.

MURANDA NYORO This is your end

In the past few days we posted on our Facebook page urging everyone to come forward and record themselves a video testifying what this woman did wrong to them and it looks like people did not get that right.

\”We will pay cash for victims of Muranda Nyoro who will record themselves a video explaining how they became a victim of Muranda Nyoro and how their business or life were affected. Payment for this will range from $50 to $500 depending on the story and the person. This is not acting, this is a testimony only for victims of Muranda Nyoro \”

We understand that sometimes you have to forget what others did wrong to you, only if they apologise to you and they stop harming other people.

Leo Brown

To qualify, the victim must be able to provide some sort of evidence to prove that this was really happening. What sort of evidence do we need? Newspaper link, Vlogs or any live videos of the stunt or anything else that you can think of.

This is your opportunity to be able to put out there what bad influencers have done to your life or how they killed your business.

What do you need to do?
You just record yourself a video in a landscape size, (make your phone flat) just like the way you watch our videos.
The sound must be clear and no background noise.

How do you give us the story?
Once recorded, send it together with your evidence links to our production team [email protected] who will assess the video and will get back to you with the offer.


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